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How to Fix “Unable to Install AOL Desktop Gold on Mac OS X” Problem?


Image of How to Fix “Unable to Install AOL Desktop Gold on Mac OS X” Problem?

AOL Desktop Gold is undoubtedly the most advantageous tool for accessing web-based features such as web browsing, email services, searching, breaking news, and entertainment. It provides a centralized tool to access all these web-based content using a single all-in-one interface. In other words, AOL Desktop Gold combines all the features that people love about AOL in a single centralized tool. Although, AOL Desktop Gold is the most reliable and error-free tool but sometimes users report some issues while accessing AOL Desktop Gold for example “unable to install AOL desktop Gold on Mac OS X”, “unable to access AOL Gold on Mac OS” etc. therefore, we are providing a quick solution to solve this issue regarding the installation of AOL Desktop Gold on Mac OS X. In case you fail to do so then you still have another option to get rid of this problem by contacting AOL Desktop Gold Support Number +1-844-443-3244. Our AOL experts resolve all your issues as fast as possible by making use of their prescribed method.

Here’s how to fix unable to install AOL Desktop Gold on Mac OS X. Follow the step by step procedure given below in order to get rid of the problem. Make sure that you’re connected to the internet.

Step 1: visit the official website of AOL Desktop Gold Download.

Step 2: click on Download Now to Download AOL Desktop Gold for Mac.

Step 3: Once you download the setup file, you need to install AOL Gold on Mac. To do so, open the downloaded setup file and click “Continue”.

Step 4: On the next window saying AOL Desktop for Mac, click continue at the bottom right corner.

Step 5: Agree to the license agreement by clicking the “Agree” button.

Step 6: Click Install.

Step 7: Enter the administrator password if asked.

Step 8: Once the installation completes, you can close the installation window by click Close button.

Step 9: Now you can launch AOL Desktop Gold on your Mac OS X based system by signing in to your AOL email account.

So, this is how do we fix the problem of unable to Download AOL Desktop Gold Software on Mac OS X. in case you are not able to fix the problem by following above method, you may contact AOL Desktop Gold Support for instant help. Our AOL Expert will resolve the issue quickly by making use of a prescribed method. So, if you want any assistance regarding AOL Desktop Gold, contact us on AOL customer support number +1-844-443-3244 and let us kick out all the issues from your computer and your network as well.
Source: https://aoldesktopgold.quora.com/How-to-Fix-Unable-to-Install-AOL-Desktop-Gold-on-Mac-OS-X-Problem